Car Raffle & A Big Thank You!

Dear Parishioners,

What an exciting and beautiful Car Raffle DRIVE-IN drawing held on Saturday, December 5th, 2020 at 6:30pm! Amidst a very bitter and winter night there was a para-liturgy about a LIGHT that has shone in the darkness; the light of Christ. Several cars with families were arranged in a fan shape facing the school entrance. We prayed, reflected on the beauty of Catholic education, allowed Santa to visit the cars with goodie bags and then we did the drawing. It was a chilly and thrilling event.

We did sell 3433 raffle tickets! Amazing outpouring of financial support!

Parked right out in front of the school was the GRAND PRIZE, a 2020 Ford Fusion, courtesy of parishioner Mike Iemma and Park Ford! Its backdrop was a drop dead gorgeous display of Christmas decorations. Second prize was a year’s lawn treatment package for fertilizing, and the third prize was a loaded Christmas basket of gift cards.


The November raffle of $500.00 was won by Fran Satina, parishioner and grandparent of Alumni IHM students, Aaron and Jonathan Satina. She was so happy to win.

THE GRAND PRIZE was won by our IHM neighbors, Bob and Mary Ann Zbydmiewski. This couple has supported our IHM School over the past several years and came to both our Fall Festivals in the past. Today they are still choosing…”Do we want the car?” or “Do we want the cash prize?”

THE SECOND PRIZE was won by the grandparents of Heidi, Dylan, and Daniel Wildman’s, Scott & Kathy Meyer. Again, such gratitude was expressed by Kathy when I spoke with her yesterday!

THE THIRD PRIZE was won by Connie Clarke, parishioner. When she came to claim the gift basket this morning she was almost in tears saying, “I have NEVER won anything before. I am speechless!”

This has been a three-month fundraiser, but, also a three-month prior “work behind the scenes” to getting all of this negotiated, planned, and off the ground.

Special THANKS goes to:
Mike Iemma and PARK FORD for assisting us with the CAR
Chuck and Linda Ingersoll of Ingersoll Landscaping for the second prize of annual lawn treatments
Marwan and Tracey Touma of SMOOTHIE KING for the coupon on the back of your ticket stub
Danny Karam from the IHM Finance Council as our consultor and negotiator
Dale Gaydos and Joel Garvin for their technological support to bring lights and sound to the party
Rochelle Cassalandra, school parent, as our graphic artist and designer for all the promo’s and publicity
Julie Bowling and Barb Riggins for all the office details, promotions, preparing of the monthly drawings, FLOCK NOTES, and bulletin advertising
Kathy Friess, our school principal, Nancy Muir her assistant, and Janet Frego the secretary for their creative diligence promoting this in school, classrooms, faculty, and among the school parents
The Knights of Columbus for their work on assisting with the drive-in parking, but, also for their financial support to the school for this endeavor
Three anonymous and generous UNDERWRITERS supporting IHM school
Sarah Mentzer for the homemade cookies people received that night
Caitlin Hamm for her musical talent with our school children, GRACE NOTES, as was heard when people arrived
Jeff Mills, Jeff and Kira Andrea for their lovely musical and vocal help in creating our prayer and making the celebration so festive
Laura Karam, school parent, and creative Christmas decorator for the wonderful work transforming the front of our school into a winter Christmas wonderland
And lastly, GREAT THANKS goes to our two level-headed, organized, hard-working, and creative co-chairs for this annual car raffle: Melinda McIlroy and Tana Ruester.

This raffle was “budgeted” to raise $51,000.00 for school operations and we highly exceeded that goal, simply with the sale of tickets!! I will have more complete financial information in the next week, but THANK YOU EVERYONE for your loving financial support!

Can’t wait for next year’s CAR RAFFLE 2021!

Many blessings,
Father Jim



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    Aggie Denning says:

    What a wonderful night it was, Father Jim! The decorations, the music, seeing the children excited, beeping horns for clapping, etc. Delightful. Thanks everyone for your hard work. Christmas Blessings to all.

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