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Christ on the Corner/Sign Up Weekend March 3rd & 4th

Christ on the Corner – Parish Day of Service

Sign-up Weekend March 3rd & 4th

At all masses on the weekend of March 3rd & 4th, there will be an opportunity to sign-up as a parish to participate in our first Christ on the Corner – Parish Day of Service which will occur on Saturday, April 7th. Christ on the Corner is our opportunity as a parish to be Christ to our neighbors and make a difference in others’ lives

We are encouraging parish-wide participation and there are a wide variety of ways you can contribute on this day! Projects include: outdoor/handy-work at homes and local service organizations, indoor work at a soup kitchen, apartments, church, & baking/cooking needs – there is something for everyone!

Signup after Mass at one of the tables or with pew card. Online registration is available through our Parish website You will be able to tell us projects that you would be interested in or if you want to do a group sign-up. T-shirts and food are also part of the deal. There will be volunteers available to answer questions at the masses.

Even if you anticipate that you cannot part-take that day there is still something you can do! You can choose to pray a rosary or pray for our community that day as your part in the body of Christ. As a member of our church you are needed! For any additional questions please contact Andy Davis at or call 330-715-1368.

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