Homilies and Letters


Dear Parishioners, The four weeks of Advent is a time when we prepare to celebrate the expectation of the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ.  During this time period of four weeks, we hear at Mass all kinds of prophetic readings about this “coming birth” and  we hear other stories that teach us about living […]

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11/19/17 – Mission Statement & Fatima

Dear Parishioners, Love God. Make Disciples. Through Mary. This is our parish mission statement. This is the reason to be a parish church community at Immaculate Heart of Mary. It should be understood by all as a reason one chooses to be a member of IHM. For example; “I belong to IHM, to express my […]

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11/12/17 – Mass Schedule Change

Dear Parishioners, Allow me to re-cap the reasons for bringing about the need to change the Sunday morning Mass times from three masses to two masses: Capacity in the church is sufficient for comfortable mass attendance when combining the now three Sunday morning masses into the proposed two Sunday morning masses. We will add more […]

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