14th Sunday in Ordinary Time – July 8, 2018

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time (B)

INTRO: A father took his two daughters, ages 3 and 6, shopping for a new bicycle for the older daughter. Jenna picked out a “SHINY” pink bike, with a banana seat and training wheels!!!

Andrea, the younger daughter, decided she wanted one as well!!!
Dad explained to her that she was NOT BIG ENOUGH for a two-wheeler, and that she was still having trouble with her tricycle.
Andrea was not convinced; she wanted a BIG GIRL BIKE, like her sister!

Her father tried to make her understand that a big bike would bring her more pain than pleasure, more scrapes than thrills.

Pouting the little girl turned away and said nothing.

Dad promised when she gets older that she would get a “BIG GIRL BIKE”. Andrea just stared at him!

Finally, Dad sighed and said:
“Look honey, Daddy knows best, O.K.?”
Andrea then screamed loud enough for everyone in the store to hear:
“Then, I want a new Daddy!”

Isn’t that just the case??…… when we don’t like something …. “We want a new daddy”!!!

Like the people in Jesus’ hometown synagogue…. When his words become too difficult or uncomfortable to hear ….. They REJECT HIM ….. THEY TOOK OFFENSE AT HIM!
“They wanted a new JESUS!”

What do you suppose those words were about that his own townsfolk didn’t like???

Think about it??
Jesus was always about UNITY of all peoples.
Jesus was about social justice for the poor, the outcast, and the downtrodden.
He was the one who said follow not the law but the heart.

I wonder if he told them that:
He healed a man on the Sabbath, or that
He “touched” a leper? Or
Ate at the home of a TAX COLLECTOR….. And then proceed to tell them THAT THAT WAS OKAY?? And You should do the same???

I bet He did.
He was trying to change the world as it was known. He was trying to build a church, a new kingdom with NEW LAWS! This was the beginning of his public ministry.

TODAY, that same Jesus IS trying to change you and me.
To lead you and me into the kinds of people who are never satisfied with our “STATUS QUO”, but, wanting to grow and develop into His image of LOVE and CHARITY, RESPECT and REVERENCE for everyone.

These are the things I bet he said in the synagogue…..
Some people don’t like change, let alone changing their beliefs and their actions; ones that they’ve held for a long time.


Jesus comes on site, NEW and DIFFERENT, making sense to some, but, causing resistance in many who are UNSURE of his newness and message.
Where would you and I stand if we were in that synagogue listening to His message?

I would only hope that I could
Touch a leper
Heal on the Sabbath.

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