Dear Parishioners,

IHM was gifted with grant money last year to purchase for the whole parish a wonderful on-line educational Catholic subscription called FORMED.ORG and so it was FREE for the entire parish to use. I purchased it again and it is FREE for you to use.

I wonder if all of you realize the great amount of content that could be offered to you by just connecting to this subscription? For families with young children, there are several stories, shows, movies, etc. For adults, many good readings, essays, information from all good and reputable authors.

When I first came to IHM, at a town hall meeting, many comments were made that we want adult education. This on-line service of FORMED.ORG is another attempt to provide for you with what you asked. Both Mary Murphy and Jen Ricard approve, recommend, and use FORMED.ORG in much of their adult education and spiritual formation.

If you haven’t, try it out. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Many Blessings,
Father Jim

1. Visit

2. Click on “Register” and enter our parish code 4XKPYC (case sensitive) and your email address.

3. Enter your contact information.

4. Enjoy all the best Catholic content in one place!

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