21st Sunday in Ordinary Time Homily – August 23, 2020

21st Sunday in Ordinary Time (A) 2020


At an early age, RESPONSIBILITY WAS TAUGHT. My responsibility or chore was taking on the cleaning of the basement. I was expected to clean the FOUNDATION of our home!

When my father was a newlywed and found out that they were having TWINS… he needed to take on a second job…. He did so with a HOME BUILDER and his job was putting in FOUNDATIONS for homes on the west side of Cleveland.

To keep clean
To be made well.

They do not get that way without the proper people doing the cleaning and constructing.

I guess, Peter was the builder of the foundation of our church and we are the ones to “keep it clean”.

We are the ones to maintain what was “constructed” in those apostolic times of over 2000 years ago.

Fidelity to the Sacraments is one very excellent way to maintain the church. This shows our love for God in His mysterious ways by often participating and celebrating the sacraments when we are able.

The PANDEMIC has halted and slowed your participation in the sacraments for now. I hope and pray it’s not going to be forever this way! But certainly by patient endurance we will all be together again and perhaps this pandemic will bring more people back to church. Who knows?

Another way to maintain the church foundation is by peacefully loving all our brothers and sisters, no matter what race or creed one professes. This will help make disciples and help create a more unified community. Jesus always wanted UNITY – COMMUNITY between ALL, not divisions, discriminations, and violent cruelty.

When Jesus was tested several time by the Pharisees and Sadducees and scribes of the law they always asked him which was the greatest of all commandments.

His answer was
Love God and
Love your neighbor.


These were the greatest of all commandments and to take care of this FOUNDATION we are to do the same.

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