23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time – September 6, 2020

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time (A)


We have lots of weddings here at IHM these days and I remember one GROOM explaining to me that he was hosting the guys of the bridal party for an OUTDOOR B-B-Q and it carried on into the night…….and got a little noisy.

At one point…out of the darkness, appeared a man clothed in pajamas and slippers.

He introduced himself politely as “the neighbor from across the street” and asked if the group could…… “TONE IT DOWN A BIT” as he was having trouble….getting to sleep.

The groomsmen APOLOGIZED and agreed to be quiet!

The man walked back into his home!
Interesting for that “gentle neighbor” to do as he did, as he could have:
Hollered out his window
Called the police
“He came in person”
Quietly and peacefully
To ask the group to keep the noise down……

People are dealing “in person” less and less these days and not just because of COVID – 19.

We are using:


Many times these forms of FACELESS COMMUNICATIONS are getting across hostile words and comments with those who perhaps have offended us or have different opinions on “things”. I guess many feel it’s safer to do it this way and say anything you want.

The Christians for whom MATTHEW writes about in our Gospel must have needed encouragement to PERSONALLY – FACE TO FACE handle in a charitable and constructive manner wrongful behaviors.

Bickering was going on between people.

1. Many times it was the bickering of the TWELVE….
“Whose going to sit on Jesus’s right or left?”

2. Then there were bickering “factions” between….

3. And today there is rude and unkind bickering between races, between political parties, and between many of us with hard-nosed sentiments.

Again, I have said it before; JESUS was about UNITY, HARMONY, and bringing all people together for his kingdom here on earth.

Jesus was about building CHARITABLE character in his Apostles and in US.

We are supposed to be charitable and kind to ALL in our thoughts, words, and deeds.


TEXTS, FACEBOOK, and EMAILS are for efficiency … YES …. I agree. But let us work on KIND WORDS WITH OTHERS:
The Golden Rule…do unto others as you would have them done unto you.

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