25th Sunday in Ordinary Time Homily – September 19, 2021

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time (B)

INTRO: When I was in school, I was always timid to ask questions!! I did it occasionally, but I felt everyone is going to look at me, or criticize me, or accuse me of making a MOUNTAIN out of a MOLEHILL.

I AM SURE I WAS A BIT INSECURE, but who isn’t as some times? I would stay after class for a small one on one if necessary. That was very helpful.

Maybe some of you are this way or some of you just love a dialogue with your teachers or presenters. All is good.

The strangest line in today’s Scripture is:
“They were afraid to question Him”

Now isn’t that amazing? They didn’t ask,

I believe they didn’t want to hear it, that their friend Jesus would have to suffer and die and who knows if they understood what RISE would mean?

They didn’t want to entertain the thought of this future suffering and death because they were following Him and perhaps this same fate would be theirs as well.

So, they change the subject. Isn’t that convenient?

But let’s not change the subject today! What do you suppose Jesus would say if YOU ASKED THAT EXACT QUESTION?

The question would be:
“Jesus what does that mean you are going to be handed over to men, (and … WHAT MEN?) and then they kill you and three days later you are going to RISE?? Explain this to me.”

I believe Jesus would say:

“Disciples, we have become friends, we have walked all over together in prayer and with healings and miracles. I love doing this with you, but more than anything I want to be with you forever in this life and the next. I do not want to lose any of you.

I am sent here to be your SAVIOR. It is my father’s plan. My suffering and death are not a result of CHANCE in an unfortunate coincidence of circumstances but part of the MYSTERY of my Father’s plan.

You may never fully understand it, but it is about great LOVE.

My Father offered me on the cross to do what any of you could never do and that is to save yourself. I took the punishment for all your sins and became the instrument of atonement for your guilt. I really do love you and need to do this for you.”


So, my brothers and sisters that’s why we do this … here in church and at this altar! It’s the re-enactment of Jesus’s saving Sacrifice, His offering of His body and Blood for our salvation and the atonement of our sins. We are blessed!

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