A Gift to Strengthen the Future Ministry of IHM

Dear Parishioners,

One result of the past GRATEFUL GIVING RENEWAL program was the disclosure by parishioners that they had intentions of naming IHM Church as a beneficiary in their estate planning. That was very gratifying to receive that information, although not disclosing amounts; it still makes me most grateful to know that future generations at IHM will benefit from these legacy gifts. I was able to acknowledge each parishioner who did so.

In their pastoral letter, Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops reminds pastors that a good disciple “receives God’s gifts gratefully, cultivates them responsibly, shares them in justice and love with all, and returns them with increase to the Lord.”

In the future you may notice that our parish communications now include reminders that encourage you to think about making and updating your personal estate plan. Pastors should provide information to families and individuals to help you practice responsible stewardship.

Thoughtful planning on your part can be one of the best gifts you can give your family, reducing administrative time, expense, and inconvenience that your loved ones will have to bear later. Once you have taken care of your family, you may want to express your gratitude and love for God with a gift that will strengthen the future ministry of our parish and school.

If you would like to include our parish or school in your estate plan, please contact me at the Parish Office (330) 929-8361, ext#14 or email fatherjim@ihmcfo.org for information on ways you can do this.

Many blessings,
Father Jim

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