Dear Parishioners,

The four weeks of Advent is a time when we prepare to celebrate the expectation of the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ.  During this time period of four weeks, we hear at Mass all kinds of prophetic readings about this “coming birth” and  we hear other stories that teach us about living life better; “sober and alert”.

It is also a time (and less thought of) that as church members we are celebrating the preparation we need for our FINAL JUDGEMENT OF GOD on each of us at the end of our life. 

Let us all look deeply inside our hearts and ask the question:

“How developed am I in the likeliness of Jesus Christ so as to have Him experienced by other
people when they meet me”?

That’s why this four week period of Advent is called, “preparatory”:
church members prepare themselves for the birthday of Jesus, His coming, December 25th, 2017, 
church members prepare themselves for experiencing the end of the world, His coming, whenever that may be, and 
church members prepare their hearts and work on personal things to become better on earth in the image of Jesus for others to witness!

How changed would our whole world be, if ALL GOD’S PEOPLE embraced these four weeks more seriously?  Let each of us do our own parts beautifully, reverently, and seriously during these four weeks of preparation.

Many blessings,
Father Jim

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