Ascension Sunday Homily – May 29, 2022

Ascension Sunday © 2022

INTRO: When I was deciding to become a priest, I wavered back and forth while in the seminary if I could do this or not. How could I get up everyday and have to preach, heal, and minister and do it well?

My spiritual director kept saying:
“You have it within you.”
I kept asking: what is it that I have within me?

He would say: THE HOLY SPIRIT!

While we celebrate the ASCENSION of the Risen Christ into heaven to return to His Father, we hear Luke saying:
“I am sending the promise of my Father upon you.”

Hmmmmm? Now, let me remind you that scriptural translations are tricky sometimes as this phrase sounds like it is going to happen, but the original GREEK reads.
“Look, I send the promise of my Father upon you.”

It comes across as like an announcement, meaning as Jesus is first appearing to the disciples on Easter, he is really saying that the HOLY SPIRIT is NOW WITHIN YOU!

“You have it within you.”

This means all of you do too.

This is exciting for me to tell you and remind you THAT YOU HAVE IT WITHIN YOU to change the world which is SO NEEDED today! You and I need to rely upon the HOLY SPIRIT within us to get through life with faith

• when senseless tragedies occur
• when money is tight
• when a loved ones DIE
• when those who are sick do not easily recover

We get worried, frightened, concerned and TRUSTING in God’s power becomes forgotten. Let us NOT forget the power of GOD through the HOLY SPIRIT.

So, when the difficult arrives, when the senseless occurs, let us first be prayerful and caring, and let us be empathetic and wise.

God has this.
And The HOLY SPIRIT DOES dwell among us.

So, on this Ascension Day, God has not abandoned our world as He returns to His Father. He left all of us with this gift to help us get by and change the world. Believe in that power that is greater than us.
“You have it within you.”

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