Bright Beginnings at IHM School

Dear Parishioners,

IHM School has a terrific Pre-School Program for 4 and 5 year olds! The program is titled: BRIGHT BEGINNINGS at IHM SCHOOL!

Most recently, in the magazine, Northeast Ohio Parent, our IHM Pre-School was reviewed in the article titled CELEBRATING PRE-SCHOOL TEACHERS. The first Pre-School teacher featured in this article was our IHM Director and Head Teacher for BRIGHT BEGINNINGS, Mrs. Sherry Foss!

The author of the article, Shauna O’Malley-Smith, writes: “For many families, Pre-School is the first time a child is away from their parents for an extended period of time. Pre-School teachers pay a vital role in helping young children feel safe, happy, and nurtured in their new environment so they can begin to build their academic foundation.”

“We are honoring standout teachers who are making a difference in their students’ lives! These unique Pre-School teachers are being recognized for going above and beyond the curriculum to create a diverse, hands-on educational experience.”

Mrs. Foss has done an excellent job developing and creating this program, BRIGHT BEGINNINGS, which includes foreign language, violin, work with an occupational therapist on fine and gross motor skills, and curriculum-based field trips. Mrs. Foss says,
“What a privilege I have to teach the youngest scholars
each day. My main goal every day is to have a
joy-filled classroom, where the children are not only
learning academic content, but,
how to be a good and kind human being.”

BRIGHT BEGINNINGS indeed has become a “feeder” into our elementary school, K-8. Last year we had 15 youngest “scholars”. This year we have 18 youngest “scholars. The program has a full day/full week opportunity, but, also a half day opportunity. There is also a SPECIAL DAY each Friday which is programed as, EXPLORATION FRIDAY.

EXPLORATION FRIDAY has a theme based around a book. For instance, they read: APPLE DAY and then made “apple” desserts, did “apple” graphing, told stories, and sang “apple” songs! They read; The Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and proceeded to make the dinner as they did and later had done crafts as well!

We are all very proud of this development and accomplishment and most certainly are very proud that IHM has an accomplished and honored teacher! Congratulations, Mrs. Sherry Foss and IHM BRIGHT BEGINNINGS!

Many blessings,
Father Jim Singler

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