Corpus Christi Homily – Sunday, June 14, 2020

Corpus Christi 2020 (A)

INTRO: Do you all remember TRIP-TIK’S from TRIPLE AAA?

They charted the course for your “journey”… pretty easy to follow as you drove along!

Well, it is one thing to make a journey when you know where you are going, but, it is quite another thing to make a journey when someone else directs it.

When we make our own journey, like the trip-tik, we know the destination and how to get there, how long it will take and where we can stop and rest.

When someone else directs our journey, the only thing we know is the next step as it is told to us. On such a journey the primary requirement is TRUST!

The CHOSEN PEOPLE of the OLD TESTAMENT made such a journey to the Promised Land! They were assured of a land flowing with milk and honey. But how they would reach it and how long it will take remained unknown to them!

Today we are on a journey, like Israel, as we continually cope with the threat of the coronavirus. Despite history and the expertise of scientists, much about the virus remains UNKNOWN.

Although it seems to target the elderly and those whose health is compromised, we do not know why a number of young people in perfect health contract it and die!

We are also not SURE how long the virus remains active on surfaces.

And we do not know for certain if those who are infected by the virus and recover are IMMUNE to it or could be infected again!

So, as I see it, we are travelling these days with much that is UNKNOWN. But, the one thing that is known AND clear to us AS PEOPLE OF FAITH is that God is for us!

And the God who is for us is LEADING US!

Like, the chosen people our “journey” is loaded with many fearful AND UNKNOWN things as mentioned in the OLD TESTAMENT… seraph serpents and scorpions,

But, these dreadful things of today that press upon us are NOT OUR DESTINATION… we go through them because our DESTINATION FOR OUR JOURNEY IS LIFE!!!!

As we gather for this Mass, Jesus promised us that we who receive His Body and Blood WILL HAVE LIFE BECAUSE OF HIM!

To that pledge I ask you to HOLD FAST!!! You are promised life… how you will get there, how long it will take, how many stops along the way are all still unknown!

Although, the one who directs our journey IS NOT UNKNOWN: God in the real presence of JESUS CHRIST, our bread of life is the one in whom we trust!

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