Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time – March 3, 2019

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March 1st came this week and I received a beautiful yellow flower (a Gerber daisy) in a pot of dirt

And also two DAHLIA bulbs

To plant ……. with a message that said …
“May you have a happy spring!”
And spring is right around the corner……..

Also in springtime is what baseball players call:

Spring training for baseball players helps them become prepared for the rigors of a L O N G season, but, also to reconnect with teammates and to work out the kinks of resting during the off season!

NO COMMENTS about our Cleveland Indians!!!

You all know that baseball is a team sport that requires all the members to work in unison for the common goal of winning the WORLD SERIES and EACH member must do two things:

1. MUST LOOK AT HIMSELF to improve his game, and
2. MUST LOOK AT THE ENTIRE TEAM to create unity.

Jesus Christ brings out this reality today in the Gospel by reminding us to take a closer look at ourselves and others.

I hear Jesus asking me and you to:
1. Look INWARD at just WHAT KIND OF PERSON AM I, but, also to:
2. Look OUTWARD at how we view and speak to other people.

“Am I critical kind of person when speaking to others?”
“Do I comment negatively about what a person is doing, making judgments?”
“Am I building up another person in my life or bringing them down?”

The GOSPELS are about improving US and always about bringing UNITY into the community, not separation of people and disarray. Our thoughts and voiced opinions about others or comments we make can really be hurtful to the BODY OF CHRIST.

The INWARD part of looking at ourselves is usually the last thing we do to improve or change something about our behaviors. (Certainly wouldn’t be good for a player at baseball spring training!)

Many of us simply go along in life and do not EXAMINE ourselves… it may be too scary or too involved.

But, Jesus is calling you and me to look inside ourselves and bring about a change for the better.

And certainly wants us to behave more unified within the community where we live.


The way we speak to and about others closely relates to what’s hidden in our hearts. May we give some serious thought to the “splinters” in our own eyes!

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