From Fr. Jim – Pipe Organ Update – Emailed September 30, 2021

Dear Parishioners,

As you can see from these pictures much work is being done in the choir loft for the installation of our new Rodgers hybrid electronic pipe organ. It is about a five to six month building project and the Rodgers company began in June 2021.

Many of you who worship at Mass and sit in the side naves may not have seen such progress for the organ building. Please know, the organ pipes that are still today visible behind the screen on the back wall of the church will be moved into the choir loft. Our baby grand piano will also be moved to the choir loft.

Your financial help to purchase this new organ has been greatly appreciated. Many of you participated in the HEART OF A SHEPHERD campaign which was done this past spring. It was that campaign in which we not only helped the seminary, seminarians, and priest retirement, but also helped us in this new organ purchase! Thank you for any outright gift to the organ fund and for making your pledges to the HEART OF A SHEPHERD campaign. Again, it is well appreciated and so exciting.

When Mr. Mills and I contacted The T.S. Good Organ Company to purchase from them a RODGERS organ it was decided that our church design (cruciform) would need not only a main organ console in the choir loft, but an additional (smaller) console in the west nave (holy family side) as well. This smaller console will assist cantors and children’s liturgies when Mr. Mills could be more visible to them.

I am committed wholeheartedly to continued good music for our parish. These new instruments will be great for this!

Lastly, we have great music with the LIFE TEEN BAND for our Sunday afternoon 4:30pm Mass. We are so blessed with them. Their new location will also be in the west nave (Holy Family side). In making their set up more permanent and for a safer communion procession (not dodging cords and equipment) we will build a corral or enclosure for them removing some pews. Their access to the smaller organ console will benefit their music as well.

I have lived by the maxim that CHANGE IS ALWAYS DIFFICULT, BUT CHANGE IS GOOD!

Many blessings,
Father Jim

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