Good Friday Homily – April 2, 2021



I am sure you all have seen pictures or may even have visited SAINT PETER’S BASILICA. Try and imagine that high altar and the Bernini columns holding up the baldachin over the altar…


Around this high altar are FOUR LARGE STATUES, positioned in such a way as to look at the altar. These sacred images are all saints that had something to do with the CRUCIFIXION of JESUS!
1. Saint Andrew (was crucified like Jesus but upside down!)
2. Saint Veronica (wiped the face of Jesus)
3. Saint Helena (brought the relics of the true cross to ROME from Constantinople)
4. Saint Longiness

If you didn’t know it…… “Longiness” was the Roman Centurion who pierced Jesus’s side. When blood and water flowed out, he became BAPTIZED and then left his Roman military post to follow the Christians!

BUT, today, in a way, like those statues, YOU ARE LOOKING AT THIS ALTAR with great admiration ….… and this altar represents BOTH
-the sacrifice of JESUS; his CRUCIFIXION, and
-the table of Holy Communion.

And as you look at this altar YOU so appreciate that great love of Christ on the Cross for us.

In addition, you also long for that sacred bread to become nourished, so that all of us can best imitate the JESUS we love!

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