Holy Family Sunday 2017

INTRO: I was diagnosed at a very early age with poor eyesight. I used to run around fast and turn corners, but never quite making it and ended up smacking into the door jamb!

At one point, they put a SPACE HELMET on me to protect me and finally realized…something wrong with his eyes!

The eye doctor called it “LAZY EYE”. I hated that diagnosis! I am not LAZY. My brother with perfect eye sight teased me mercilessly.

“Lazy eye
Lazy eye
Jimmy’s got a lazy eye!

Oh well. (That is when I learned “sticks and stones could break my bones, but names will never hurt me!”

There were all kinds of exercises to perform
There was a patch to wear

I believe NOT MUCH COULD BE DONE… so I began wearing glasses at a very young age………………….

In order to see better!
AS Christians we are asked to see well…….

We are asked to see CHRIST in our brothers and sisters….all of our brothers and sisters!

Well how’s that going for you?

I know it is not easy as we get prejudiced, picky, and humanly judgmental…even if it’s only in our “mind’s eye”.

Simeon and Anna BOTH saw the CHRIST in Jesus of Nazareth. Children are to respect their parents, seeing CHRIST in them
Husbands and wives are asked to respect one another seeing Christ in each other.

And what is our “assistance or help” in being able to do just this ALL THE TIME?

What is our eye glasses prescription?

It comes in the form of bread and wine. It is our Eucharist that we consume in order to have JESUS affect our lives and eyesight!

Have mercy on those:
Who act differently
Who dress differently
Who look differently
Who think differently

And the list could go on…..

Christ wanted unity among ALL people and that can only happen when it begins with each of us starting the trend, starting the movement of peaceful relations by looking at others and seeing all others as if you and I were seeing JESUS.

Happy Holy Family

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