Holy Family Sunday – December 30, 2018

INTRO: Hope all of you are enjoying a happy Christmas!

Tell joke:

Alright, there was this aging couple watching TV together in their home.

As their hearing was challenged the TV was blaring!!!
The wife asks her “hubby”…

“Would you please get me a snack? I would like an ice cream Sundae.”

He said, “OKAY!”

On his way to the kitchen she yells out…
“Make it with VANILLA ICE CREAM… write it down so you don’t forget!”

A little later, she yells out,
“I want HOT FUDGE, too!!! Write it down so you don’t forget!”

“And put nuts on it. Write that down so you don’t forget!”

A L O N G T I M E passed… and finally he comes in with her snack ……….

And …………………..

………………..on the tray were BACON AND EGGS!!

She looks at it, without skipping a beat, and says…
“YOU FORGOT THE TOAST AND JELLY… I told you to write it down!”


GOOD COMMUNICATION… isn’t that what families need???

Speaking well
Speaking “charitably”…… soft voices not fearing TRUTH when we speak, but HONESTLY saying what we need, what we think, no judgments on people and LISTENING for the other as they fully FINISH their thoughts.

JESUS wanted this… one BIG family of nations… one BIG church community….. And GOOD COMMUNICATION can cause this to happen.

We are a Christian world in process, but, not yet perfect.
JESUS CHRIST was born into a land

• where people were oppressed
• Where prejudices between races were present and ugly.

His birth 2,018 years ago was the beginning of helping the world COMMUNICATE so as to WELCOME the oppressed and RID us of our prejudices

Because of HIM we learned and were gifted with teachings that said USE WORDS WELL to ALL people…and this is
the day and age:
Of accommodating refugees in our world,
Immigrants into our cities,
The impoverished who are all over!
Of accepting those who live life in an alternative lifestyle
Or with a creed different than ours.


Our parents taught us to think before we speak to one another.

Not a bad teaching for us as CHRISTIANS, but, when we ADD the teachings of Jesus into our minds and hearts, I believe we will be on the road to establishing GOOD COMMUNICATIONS that help unify our families and our world as JESUS wanted!

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