Holy Thursday – April 18, 2019

Holy Thursday 2019


There is a set place for you and me……

+ When we were kids ….. there was a set place for each of us at the dinner table. I was always to the right of my father…. I was a S L O W – eater and he could help me speed things up!!!

+ When we went to church there was a set place at Mass. We sat in the 17th row, down the center aisle of our family church!! And the twins were separated by a MOM or a DAD!!!!

+ When our church choir gathers, there’s a set place for each member and don’t let JEFF MILLS see that you are not seated in the right place!!!

+ Even you out there … I can almost take attendance knowing were many of you sit, TABERNACLE side, HOLY FAMILY side, CENTER aisle!!!!

AMAZING, but, think about it:

I mean MORE THAN just in the pew or at a dinner table!


There is a set place for you and me in the world as followers of CHRIST and nourished by Christ. We are the people that are set with HIGH STANDARDS to be other CHRIST’S in the world, because of what we eat!

Because we eat this bread and drink this cup YOU AND ME ARE EXPECTED TO BE DIFFERENT IN THIS WORLD, set apart as a HOLY PEOPLE and as a SERVICE PEOPLE.

All the Gospel writers tell about HOLY THURSDAY, but the one you all heard tonight (John) is different, unique and UNLIKE the others.

Without a doubt the THREE (Matthew, Mark and Luke) tell the story of the HOLY EUCHARIST mentioning the sacred words of “institution” and “consecration”:

“THIS IS MY BODY, given up for you……Do this in memory of me”

“This is the chalice of my blood which will be poured out for you and for many for the forgiveness of sins, do this in memory of me”

But John DOES NOT mention those words of CONSECRATION (and that is not bad) ….

John mentions, gathering, getting together for the PASSOVER meal.

And he tells us what Jesus did that sacred night.

He wrapped a towel around his waist and went to each of the Apostles and washed their feet!!! I am sure the Apostles were startled.

By not mentioning the words of consecration, John goes beyond this…He is telling us to look beyond what we eat and drink……..and go to the real practical thing after being nourished with His Real Presence…… to wash others’ feet or be of service to all.

He is telling us the implications of sharing in the Eucharist which is service to our neighbors:
Social service,
No prejudices
Selfless actions

He believes Jesus instituted bread and wine to be his body and blood for us…. but, he also reflects for us that when we take his body and blood we are meant to have a certainly HIGH place in the world of service to others in his memory!!!

CONSECRATED BREAD IS FOR SERVICE TO OTHERS, not JUST nourishment for ourselves!!!

It’s remarkable….taking communion, taking Jesus is MEANT to serve others.

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