Holy Thursday Mass of the Lord’s Supper – March 29th, 2018

INTRO: FOOD is powerful!!!!

Food has the ability to transport our senses to another world!! It can help us recall the memories of family…..

Maybe it was your mom, who rolled out dough, chopped, sautéed, and blended which caused your family home to have wonderful aromas that brought you (and your stomach) excitement, smiles, anticipation, and gratitude.

Our mother worked hard in the kitchen. She labored and WHY???

Because she knew that food is one of the best ways to show our love!

Christ knew this, too.

On the night Jesus was handed over….
…..He took bread into His hands and said: THIS IS MY BODY!
…..He took the chalice of wine and said: THIS IS MY BLOOD for you….

In this sacred mystery, in the sacrifice of the Mass, Jesus is saying: “I want to be with you forever and FOOD IS POWERFUL!!!

Now I will also point out that bread and wine is not the only thing that changes upon the altar at Mass.

“WE” are invited to be transformed!!!
“WE” are invited to become what we eat….
To become CHRIST!

We are fed at the table of the Lord to go out and FEED to tables of the world…. To take the love of CHRIST and the sacrifice of CHRIST…
• To our workplaces
• To our living rooms
• To show our love by “patience” with others
• To show our love by suspending mental judgments of others, especially those of different race, color, creed.

We become food for others. That is the power of this Night of the Lord’s Supper.

So, not only did Jesus give us Himself in bread and wine to nourish us on this Holy Thursday, the night he was betrayed, but, went one step further by teaching the apostles and US to be the servants of others in the world, not to be LORD and MASTER, for there is ONLY ONE, but to be servants and in this servant role: we are to serve the poor.

When He washed the feet of His apostles, he showed them YOU HAVE TO HUMBLE YOURSELVES, you have to do things for the poor that you may not like, you will not have the “glory jobs”, but, the simple and perhaps unnoticeable acts of servanthood that shows you care for someone.

So, you come tonight to remember this LAST SUPPER of JESUS, THE MEMORIAL OF Himself to nourish us in His image of service to the poor.


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