Fourth Sunday of Easter – April 22nd, 2018

INTRO: Last month my father was suffering from an UTI. He’s 89 now and lives in a nursing home ……… in a special unit for Alzheimer’s disease. He needs to be there.

While he has wonderful care where he resides, medical, physical, socialization care, and spiritual care…. additional care does come from his children and even when there is a hospital need as such was the case last month, we children provided solace for him in a different kind of way than the terrific medical care.

He responds well to all who care for him, hospital or nursing home, but he responds most especially from his children.

In this day and age…. We are called CAREGIVERS!
Every year during the Easter Season we hear about the GOOD SHEPHERD.

I’m thinking…WOW that is a great title for JESUS:
• He lays down his life
• He calls the sheep by name
• He protects them from the wolves
• He seeks out the one who is lost
• He goes after sheep that are not necessarily his own

Let me explain these things: In Jesus’s day a shepherd was given ONLY 100 sheep to “shepherd”. These were not his own sheep… this was a job
(Like 9-5 and them I’m done)
In a way…. These shepherds were not GOOD SHEPHERDS!!!

The responsibility factor wasn’t that great with these “hired hands”… if one or two sheep strayed, and it was quitting time… well sorry little sheep!!! I’m outa here!

And to bring in MORE than 100 sheep….NO WAY….. not my job!

So JESUS is found or titled by JOHN the Gospel writer in that day and age to be the kind of shepherd of people which raises the bar on these hired hands.

• Jesus did lay down His life for us
• Jesus knows us by name
• Jesus embraces us when evil comes our way
• Jesus forgives us when we are lost from His sight
• Jesus goes beyond borders to welcome and seek out those typically not in the fold.

Is this the right title for JESUS if he lived TODAY?
Today here and now we really don’t have SHEPHERDS, do we?

And I am thinking if John the Gospel writer was living in this day and age…. What title would he give to Jesus to describe him???

I am thinking: THE GOOD CAREGIVER!

• A good caregiver puts their life on hold for people
• A good caregiver knows all about the person in their care
• The good caregiver protects their loved ones from getting sick
• The good caregiver is patient with their loved ones

A good caregiver largely TAKES CARE OF PEOPLE in a most sacrificial and intimate way…and would do so for anyone.

The JESUS of today does that for me and you TAKES CARE OF ALL PEOPLE…….
And His example is one to follow as any church goer should!


So, let’s think of us as GOOD CAREGIVERS of all peoples…
• It could be your own loved one
• It could be the store clerk you will meet later today
• It could be the immigrant or vagrant on the street you will see as you drive around Cuyahoga Falls and Akron

As Jesus is proclaimed GOOD.
We, too, are GOOD CAREGIVERS of all people!
We too, are GOOD SHEPHERDS of all people!

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