New Opportunity for Erin Hogan – Emailed June 20, 2020

Dear Parishioners,

It was determined a while ago that IHM would hire a YOUTH MINISTER FOR THE LIFE TEEN PROGRAM. We hired ERIN HOGAN in 2017 to lead the teens closer to Christ, through Mary. She has done a fantastic and almost tireless ministry here for our teens.

She believes that God had guided her to us in 2017 and that today God is guiding her away from us at IHM to Saint Basil the Great Parish in Brecksville as their new LIFE TEEN HIGH SCHOOL YOUTH MINISTER, beginning mid-July. Congratulations, Erin!

As a Pastor, my role with these kinds of staff members is to pray that they can always excel in their passion to serve the church. While it is SAD for me to lose Erin, I am comforted by the very fact that in her prayer and discernment I can allow her to “go with God” and “grow with God” at a new place.

I have learned long time ago, that CHANGE IS DIFFICULT, but CHANGE IS GOOD!

Being a YOUTH MINISTER is always a FULL TIME job. It needs to be FULL TIME to be effective. Erin accomplished a yearly calendar of events addressing the catechetical, spiritual, and social needs of high school teens in the parish. She planned, with an ADULT CORE TEAM, and they executed weekly Life Teen Life Nights for them during the academic year, with a mix of catechetical, social, service, and spiritual content.

She planned some FUN activities, special event trips such as, March for Life, Steubenville Youth Conference, and Servants for Christ. She got the teens to come to the LIFE TEEN MASS on Sunday at 4:30 PM and provided training for teens to participate in the Mass as ushers, lectors, servers, and greeters.

It was amazing to hear Erin talk about social media to keep up with the teens, especially this spring with the world pandemic and all the STAY AT HOME directives! Knowledge of this technology is very important to keep connected with teens these days!

This past year she began a Middle School Youth Ministry for 6th-8th graders consisting of bi-weekly gatherings on Wednesday evenings to foster a culture of faith in our young people.

Erin also annually planned and executed the annual Confirmation Retreat (winter) and the Day School 8th Grade Retreat (fall).

IHM will show our gratitude to Erin on Sunday, July 12th, 2020 at the 10:00 AM Mass and likewise say:

“Go with God” and
“Grow with God”.

Many blessings,
Father Jim

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