Parish Grounds Maintenance Update

(Printed in the August 4, 2019 bulletin)

Dear Parishioners,

Many projects for our buildings and grounds were completed this summer, so far. I am so proud of what we can predict to be taken care of to keep our facility in good shape and at the same time surprised at what we need to do when unexpected emergencies happen.

The planned projects:

  1. Banisters in the school building were all refinished; sanded down, stained, and varnished
  2. Step risers in the school all were painted
  3. Created new landscape for the Lillis Drive entrance were school sign exists
  4. Added convent building air conditioning for two meeting rooms and the PETER’S SHADOW offices (501c3 nonprofit Healing Ministry)
  5. Wireless upgrade for the Church sound system
  6. Many screens were replaced on the school windows

The unexpected projects:

  1. Heat exchangers for the School building were bought as the old ones were OLD!
  2. Drain repair in the parking lot was a necessary project for safety
  3. Flooding in the church hall (which became an insurance claim) needed us to fix window wells, dry, and sanitize all carpeting
  4. After a safety inspection in the Parish Community Center we need to repair certain doors, locks, and closures
  5. Parish Office server upgrade (current server no longer supported after January 2020!)

The not yet done projects:

  1. A new dumpster gate is planned to be built
  2. Parking lot “patched” where necessary
  3. Removal of OLD outdoor exercise equipment for safety reasons
  4. Convent boiler will be repaired

So you see, never a dull day around your parish buildings and grounds. I am so thankful to our maintenance team, Dennis, Jeremy, Jacob, Pat, Joel, and Bill and the work of Ingersoll Landscaping, Perrin Asphalt, Temperature Control, George Connors, COIT Carpet Cleaning, and RG Digital.

Many blessings,
Father Jim

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