Pastor Letter – Christmas Mass Schedule Update from Fr. Jim – Emailed December 16, 2020

Dear Parishioners,

Well here we are, just about nearing Christmas 2020. Please take time to remember that the Christmas season is about GOD IS WITH US! Look at your nativity set with loving HOPE and the endearing sentimentality that YOU AND I are not left alone in a dark pandemic world, but, comforted by a marvelous LIGHT that has shone in the darkness and in the human birth of Jesus Christ, God made flesh for us.

As a reminder, IHM will be celebrating two (2) Christmas Eve Masses and one (1) Christmas Day Mass. On Christmas Eve the Masses will be at 4:30pm & 10:30pm. BOTH OF THESE MASSES will be livestreamed for you at home.

I am sorry to say this, but, THERE ARE NO MORE SEATS available at these Masses. Church seating is at full capacity for both these Masses as parishioners made reservations beginning last month.

Therefore, ATTENDANCE at the two Masses on Christmas Eve will be by tickets ONLY. Those parishioners that reserved seats should receive in their home a letter from me, some instructions for the only entry into church at the Portage Trail doorway, and their ticket for entry.

Those parishioners not attending church please gather safely in your homes to unite with those who will be in church and continue to pray for the safety and well-being of all as you watch the LIVE STREAMED MASS.

And, lastly, your financial generosity these past almost 9 months has been outstanding. I am overwhelmed at your steadfast financial commitment to IHM Church and to all other kinds of financial help for the needy here at church during these times. Thank you.

Many blessings and looking forward with hope to 2021!
Father Jim

Christmas Mass Schedule 2020

LIVE-STREAMED Christmas Eve Mass – 4:30pm – Fr. Singler

Public Mass – Ticket Required

LIVE –STREAMED Christmas Eve Mass – 10:30pm – Fr. Singler

Public Mass – Ticket Required

Christmas Day Mass – 10:00am – Fr. Thomas

Public Mass


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