Pastor Letter – Update on Disciple Maker Index Surveys – Emailed March 22, 2021

Dear Parishioners,

I mentioned on Sunday at the conclusion of Mass a request that as many parishioners as possible fill out the DISCIPLE MAKER INDEX SURVEY. This is found on-line – or hard copies are available in the racks by the church entrances and can be turned into the Parish Office.

Many of my priest friends bemoan the fact that because of the pandemic coupled with the dispensation releasing us from the attendance of Mass in person that our congregations will dwindle in numbers! They say parishioners will remain at home and not come back to church. I am not sure that is exactly true, but, their comments do have some merit.

With that said, the DISCIPLE MAKER INDEX SURVEY could provide some “evangelization” methods to encourage people to be back in church. The survey is supposed to help us pastors “shepherd the church” back together again with new ideas, programs, and enthusiasm as an active parishioner in our Catholic Church.

Some of you have indicated that you completed the survey. Thank you for that. To date, we have 258 surveys completed and returned. I am hoping we can double this number in the next week.

Many blessings,
Father Jim

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