Pastor Letter – Welcome to our Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish RCIA Catechumens & Candidates! – Emailed January 13, 2021

Dear Parishioners and especially our IHM Catechumens and Candidates,

The Christmas season, 2020 has just past and we are all entering a New Year, 2021, and so, I wish you the best of happiness and health in 2021 and the richness of faith in Jesus Christ, Our Savior and model for living our lives well.

Today marks ORDINARY TIME in the church calendar. “Ordinary” Time is called this because that word “ordinary” comes from the Latin derivative, “ordinal”, which is defined as the “numbered” time for our liturgical season. The Church numbers its weeks for us to progressively learn about THE CHRIST from the Gospels, so that we as church, can live and better our lives in imitation of Him.

I was blessed this past month to WELCOME the CATECHUMENS and & RECEIVE from the CANDIDATES AN ACCEPTANCE of the Catholic faith, which made me proud of the firm commitment you are making to follow where God has been calling you and I was equally proud of your choice to become Catholic!

Now starts your progress in understanding the sacraments of the church that you will receive at our Easter Vigil. Keep your ears open to God speaking to you and keep your mouth offering whispers of praise, thanks, and acknowledgement of any sins to this great and wonderful God!

Many blessings,
Father Jim

Welcome to our Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish RCIA Catechumens & Candidates!

Angie Burris – What has brought me to explore faith is really for a couple of reasons. My husband Jason and I are Foster parents. We had a recent little one that her mom has asked us to be her god parents. Jason was raised Catholic and just needs to be confirmed. So when we had reached out to the church to help Jason get confirmation I was asked about myself being interested. I had a very slim relationship with any church growing up and through my adult life. But a lot of things in the past few years that have hit us hard have me needing and wanting to place god in my life. I certainly believe that some things in life place you where you need to be, and I believe that this is where I need to be in my life. Opening a new chapter on my faith and a new journey in building our family. I am so appreciative that the church has welcomed me in and I feel so overjoyed with what these next steps will bring. (bottom right)

Enzo DeVenture – Enzo is currently a 3rd grader at IHM. Most of the time you will find him playing soccer, flag football, basketball or logging endless hours on the PS4. But he also enjoys playing with his dog and making us all laugh with his goofy impressions and jokes. Enzo is excited about his RCIA journey because he would like to grow in his faith and also become closer with God. (top right)

Nikki Filing – I’m a mom of two boys. I’m a cosmetologist. When I’m not working in the salon I’m usually outside working or hiking or playing with the boys. My interest in Catholicism began many years ago. I was probably 11 years old. I have always loved the traditions and took part in them myself. I truly hope that going through this process, I can further connect with God and hopefully increase my devotion to Him as well. (top left)

Danielle Lenze – Danielle is currently a 3rd grader at IHM. (not pictured)

Corrine, Logan & Charlotte Six – We are the Six Family (and yes, there are 6 of us). Three of us are in RCIA, Corinne, Logan and Charlotte. Corinne is a family law lawyer and a managing partner at her law firm, Hoover Kacyon, LLC, on Portage Trail. Logan is a third grader at IHM and Charlotte is in first grade there. Our younger kids are Madeline (5) and Savannah (2.5). Dad, Tyler, is a public school teacher at Lake Local Schools in Hartville. We come from the Protestant church tradition and our family is attending both IHM and Heart for The City Mission Church in Akron. Our kids wish to become catholic after their wonderful experience at IHM school. (bottom left)

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