Second Sunday of Advent – December 9, 2018

Second Sunday of Advent ©


I had to ask myself……..

What’s the BIG DEAL in this reading with mentioning all the reigning governors and tetrarchs? What is LUKE doing?

BASICALLY……….. It’s like setting the stage with all the “actors” on which JESUS will act. Jesus will intermingle with all these “actors” throughout his public ministry.

So is that helpful? Not really ….. Luke is just setting the historical stage. It is more so ……… “FUN FACTS”.

The helpful part of the GOSPEL comes from the line ……………
“The word of God came to John”

John heard a voice………….. The voice told him that
John the Baptist was to ANNOUNCE. He was the precursor to Jesus. So…… he was able to hear…… He listened to that word of God which came to him and followed the word that came to him from GOD! He went into the desert to do this.

-The other day I was talking with a parishioner ……………she had a miserable week. First of all, she got sick, then, her father fell and needed hospital care. And to top it off, she had to work overtime this week!!!

On her way home from work that day …… she passed by her church and pulled in, which she normally does not do……. And rested in prayer for some time.

The word of God came to her. Something “moved” her to see the church which was beckoning her to come inside and sit with the Lord.
The word of God came to her!

-Couple of weeks ago, an announcement was made right here at church that there would be a GIVING TREE and you walked up, took an ornament or two or three…….to help a needy family at Christmas.

The word of God came to you.

-Driving on the marginal around Akron City Hospital and you see that lady or that man with a sign:

And you pull out a couple of dollars for that person.

The word of God came to you. You felt something inside you to pull over and offer.

How receptive are we to

THE WORD OF GOD CAME TO JOHN …. And he responded.
The word of God came to me and you ………………

It is happening. God is reaching down, reaching out, ALL THE TIME, trying to lead us into great things.


The Advent season is filled with both that kind of beauty, but also many distractions that draw us away from those things of beauty. Stand erect with heads held high and resist those distractions.

I hear it all the time about busy schedules, I know busy schedules, too … and they do get the best of us and draw us all away from the kind of hearing that is GOD CALLING US.

Make firm intentions for the best Advent ever to be AVAILABLE for the RIGHT HEARING, correct hearing, and priority hearing of God.

God wants you and me to hear him!

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