Servants for Christ

Dear Parishioners,

Are you or any of your friends, family, or neighbors in need of help? Do you have an elderly neighbor who would appreciate a helping hand? Has there been a recent job loss – ongoing illness – or surgery that keeps them from completing tasks around their home? Let the teens from SERVANTS FOR CHRIST help fulfill their mission.

SERVANTS FOR CHRIST, which will begin with the 4:30pm Life Teen Mass on Sunday, July 8th, and continues until Thursday, July 12th, is a great YOUTH MINISTRY SUMMER MISSION EXPERIENCE, leading more than 120 teens, chaperoned by adults, into completing projects in homes of those who require assistance.  IHM will host the teens for the week and during the day, in small work crews, will head out to serve the needs of others, and return in the late afternoon for a dynamic retreat experience.

Consider things like trimming shrubs, painting, cleaning out a basement, weeding backyard gardens, washing windows.  The point is the teens want to serve others.

We need SEVERAL work projects and we humbly ask you to call our Youth Minister, Erin Hogan, 330-929-8361, ext. 32 or email her with any project ideas, requests, or questions.

Let the servant, Christ, in these teens experience an opportunity to serve our community.

Many blessings,
Father Jim

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