Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time – February 17, 2019

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time © 2019

INTRO: I do get caught up with all those TV shows about rehabbing homes;
Property Brothers
Love it or List it
Fixer upper
Flip or flop

In these types of TV shows people will buy an old house with the intent of gutting it or REMOVING ALL THE OLD and renovating it so they can sell it at a higher price!

It is amazing to see the transformations!

How about us getting a transformation……gutting the old within us and become RENOVATED????

When JESUS speaks today He is rehabbing you and me with his SERMON.

He wants you and me to evaluate our condition, our attitudes, our actions, and our living situations so that we live a life as He intended.

It is a beautiful SERMON…. A bit poetic ….. But, Just what did JESUS intend for you and me??? How did He want us to live our life??? How does He want to rehab US to live ???

Well…. I see it as ………. Basically……to not be selfish or egocentric with:
Opinions, and
Living situations.

To not be so concerned with ourselves, our status, but, putting others FIRST, making their lives better, in a way… to lift others UP….making their HOME LIFE renovated / rehabbed by our actions!

It’s like a turn style… he wants to rehab you and me so that we think about rehabbing others and not be so self-centered about our lives.

They tell me….. BEING “LIKED” on FACEBOOK is a BIG BIG THING for many and it is a self-centered condition for many and some get into a tailspin when their posts on FACEBOOK are NOT LIKED.

If JESUS is rehabbing us then He doesn’t want us to do things for others JUST to be LIKED, to gain attention, but, to JUST DO THEM without fuss or notice.
That’s what JESUS intends for the CHURCH today from His SERMON on the Mount!


The next time you watch a rehab SHOW on TV…. I hope you remember that JESUS is also trying to rehab you and me to become better at living life, by rehabbing others, without the need to be recognized!

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