Third Sunday of Advent Homily – December 11, 2022

Third Sunday of Advent A 2022
Gaudete Sunday

INTRO: I was in the third grade and after being diagnosed with “lazy EYE” and getting poor grades because I could not see the blackboard, I was finally prescribed with glasses to wear 100% of the time. So, the glasses helped me SEE BETTER!

Seeing better is what Gaudete Sunday’s Gospel is all about!

So, how is it that we are to see better than we do now. For instance, I have my glasses and I am doing fine.

Seeing better ….. my brothers and sisters ….. is always a good thing. All of us should want to improve our so-called eyesight on the human race.

Yes, Jesus was about healing miracles and making the blind see, the deaf hear and so on, but TODAY he wants to also HEAL OUR SOULS by making us all more aware of how we are seeing others in this present day and age.

I have said it before JESUS wanted UNITY AMONG ALL PEOPLE, color, race, and creed. He wants you and I to accomplish this. That is one reason we are CHURCH. Our Catholic Church is to set examples of seeing the heart in ALL PEOPLES and not just looking at their ways, beliefs, and styles of living. Leave that to God.

When we see others and get all upset about them, that is not doing the world good, and that is not bringing JOY to ourselves either.


We ARE ABOUT TO CONSECRATE bread and wine AT THIS ALTAR. We are about to do this in memory of me, in memory of the JESUS we want to become. May our souls become healed to SEE HIM better each and every day in all those around us.

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