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Women of Faith Studies FULFILLED – Join Us!

Women of the Parish –

Today at our Zoom meeting we finished our study with Bishop Barron on the Mass. It was awesome! Many women want to keep the meetings going. We agreed on a newly released 12 week study by Christopher West on the Creed called “Fulfilled”. Just to be clear, this is not a TOB study. It is a study that follows the outline of the first pillar of the catechism. The study guide is $15/each plus shipping. The study guide is not required, but I recommend it. It includes a lot of quotes from the Scriptures and the catechism under each main point.

Here is a link to order the workbook yourself and have it shipped to your home:

We will begin June 3rd. Check out the description, trailer, and table of contents below and please forward this information to anyone who may want to join us! If the  parishes open up for meetings over the next 12 weeks, we can change to an in-person gathering. However, I will continue to offer it over Zoom as well.

Topic: Women of Faith- “Fulfilled: Study on the Creed”

Time:   Every week on Wednesday for 12 weeks

Jun 3rd –  Aug 19th, 2020

9:30 AM – 11:00 AM

Link to download and import the following iCalendar (.ics) files to your calendar system.


Link to Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 899 0119 3598

Password: 708689

To call in:

One tap mobile


Questions? Contact Jen Ricard at or 330-687-3885. 

The first words placed in the mouth of Christ in John’s Gospel are not: “Follow all these rules or you’re going to hell.” Rather, Christ probes our hearts with a question: “What are you looking for?” (John 1:38).
Christianity is not primarily a religion of law, as it is so frequently considered. It is first and foremost a religion of longing. The purpose of God’s law is to point our longing toward real satisfaction and away from the counterfeits. The “whole life of the good Christian is a holy longing,” wrote Saint Augustine. “That is our life, to be trained by longing.”
In this life-changing series, Christopher West takes you on an eye-opening tour of the first pillar of the Catechism of the Catholic Church – beginning with the “ache” of human longing and ending with a vision of the Creed like you’ve never heard – and in the process demonstrates beyond any shadow of a doubt that Christianity is not the backward list of prohibitions it is so often assumed to be. Rather it’s the religion of desire that holds out to us the hope of infinite bliss and fulfillment.

Trailer for Fulfilled:

Table of Contents:
1. What do you want?
2. Where do you take the ache?
3. All of Creation is a theology lesson
4. The human person: image of God
5. The human couple: image of God
6. God Comes to Meet Us
7. The Heavenly Bliss to which He invites us
8. Our response to God’s proposal
9. I believe in God the Father
10. I believe in Jesus Christ His Only Son
11. I believe in the Holy Spirit
12. I believe in the Holy Catholic Church

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