Christ on the Corner – Save the Date!

Dear Parishioners,
I am hoping that parishioners will get behind this wonderful event called…

“Go out to all the world”

What is this all about?
It is a parish day of prayer, service to the needy in our area, and a pot luck banquet. We will evangelize, possibly make disciples, and be Christ’s “carpenter” presence of love and helpfulness.

Who is this for?
It’s for anyone and everyone of the parish, young and old, families and individuals, that possess the ability to serve others in need, clean up, organize, re-build, wash and dry, paint, and talk about your relationship with Christ.

When is this going to be?
We have chosen the second Saturday of June, June 8th, 2019 for this terrific opportunity. We will begin with a prayer service in church at 9:00am. Then we will get going in small groups to our service work sites (these service work sites are TBD) meet the ones we will serve and help, finish in time for the Saturday 4:30pm Mass and pot luck banquet together in the Parish Community Center.


Many Blessings,
Father Jim

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