Corpus Christi Homily – June 19, 2022

Corpus Christi
The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ
2022 C

Intro: QUESTION TIME … Congregation participation!

1. How many of you like to cook or GRILL OUTSIDE?
I am sure this Father’s Day weekend many will be doing this!!!
Happy Father’s Day men!
2. How many of you like to EAT?
3. How many of you have ever “waited on tables”?
4. How many of you eat out?

Obviously, no matter who you are in the crowd today most of you have been GUESTS at a dining table or restaurant… and some of you have been “WAITERS”!

Well … they are not called “waiters” anymore … are they? They are called…. (Everybody…. “SERVERS”).

Today you are BOTH: Guest and Server! …
The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ teaches us that.

We are BOTH:
• a guest at the ALTAR and
• a SERVER for “others”

……when we nourish ourselves with this real presence of CHRIST.


When we leave this church today, we ARE SUPPOSED TO; IMMEDIATELY “serve” someone!!!

There are so many things to do in “serving others” having just received communion.

• Simply listening to the members of our family
• Volunteering in the community. What about….
• Making a home visit
• Today you will think about donating clothing and food to the poor
• Letting your brother or sister be FIRST in a game.

You know, that is why there is “devotion” time after the reception of Holy Communion. Yes, to ADORE GOD within you, but to listen for the voice of JESUS inspiring you to IMITATE His life of serving others in TODAY’S WORLD!


We are GUESTS at the ALTAR… God gives us His gift, but we are also “SERVERS” having received His gift to go out into our homes and neighborhoods finding ways to “serve others.”

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