Distributing Communion – Emailed June 9, 2020

*This message is being sent to all parishioners.

Dear Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion,

From a nurses perspective as she was watching the live stream from her home these last two weeks when we have had “public Masses” she brought to my attention how good everything looked for social distancing, sanitizing pews, floor plan for entry and exit, etc.

She did point out, which as you know how fluid this pandemic is and changes come all the time, that when an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion sanitizes their hands before approaching the altar (which remains appropriate and remains in place) that AFTER YOU RECEIVE COMMUNION FROM ME, and because you “touched” your mask to consume communion, that ANOTHER HAND SANITIZATION should take place before the communion distribution.

This makes sense! I will keep a bottle of Purell on the corner of the altar for that purpose.

In addition when you finish distribution and hand me your ciborium, “sanitize” your hands one more time, please, either at the altar or at your place in church.

Thank you for your dedication to this ministry.

Many blessings,
Father Jim

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