Easter Homily – April 4, 2021

Easter Homily 2021


-I was watching children in their classroom the other day, COLORING!!!!!  ….. I was intrigued with their “hands”…. Some of the children were holding their crayons in a very unique fashion…..

I guess not all little artists hold their “tools of the trade” in the same fashion, but, in the end…….. ART is accomplished and many moms and dads were pleased with their “EASTER ART”, I am sure!

-Not too long ago, I watched the gentle hands of an EMT worker carefully lifting a loved one and bringing them to rescue. The use of their hands was tender and life-giving.

-Just watch the hands of our skillful youth, using their:
And play station!

-Probably today, many of you used your hands:
To bake
To knead dough
Or to lift food from oven to table!

Within the history of salvation …. The use of hands are prominent.
Miraculous things have happened over thousands of years with the use of hands and continues today.

Remember, Jesus was crucified. A horrible way to die, where his hands, which performed many astounding deeds of charity throughout his years of public ministry in Galilee and Jerusalem, were outstretched, abused with the pounding of nails, to presumably cause him to be ineffective! BUT, amazingly, this did not stop Him from being wonderfully effective, nor will it stop us! Even in this time of pandemic we can rise to the occasion being operative and effectual.

Even though Christ’s hands were secured to the wood he still reached out and SAVED US!

Neither Christ’s hands, nor our hands will ever be ineffective, in all of our days, if we genuinely and honorably BELIEVE IN GOD and all that has been done in the history of salvation. In this EASTER season let us remember the work of our hands and all that we can do for one another.


Beautifully and prayerfully my hands will be outstretched tonight:
• over bread and wine,
• over you for a SOLEMN BLESSING,
…… these are life-giving use of my hands which all of you receive the great sacrament of the Eucharist and the Triune blessing of God the Father, God the Son and God the HOLY SPIRIT.

Happy Easter!

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