Faith Direct (E-Giving)

Dear Parishioners,

I want to offer my thanks to parishioners and school families who have ventured into the technological world of e-giving with FAITH DIRECT for our church offertory. E-giving is a weekly or monthly offertory gift that is electronically done with one’s permission to the reputable company called FAITH DIRECT. We have a total of 262 regular donors who use this method for giving to the church; 40 of which are school families. This method helps us cut down on the mailing of envelopes, truly a savings!

I like this e-giving because it allows someone to calculate an annual, weekly, or monthly offertory gift helping them “budget” what they feel is a gift back to God. And if you think about it, this way of giving to the church brings consistent income weekly, helping us to plan better knowing we will reliably receive this sacrificial offertory gift.

Also, many people have varying schedules that may take them away from IHM church on any given weekend and therefore we may not receive an offering gift from them that weekend because of their absence in the pews if they were not using e-giving. I am so grateful for parishioners thinking this way about our church financial needs.

As I have mentioned before this electronic “e-giving” is optional and not mandatory by any means.

Sign up is simple! You can do so by:
Calling 866-507-8757
Stopping by the Parish Office and picking up a form.

Many Blessings,
Father Jim

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