Fifth Sunday of Easter Homily – May 15, 2022

Fifth Sunday of Easter ©


When I was first learning how to cut the lawn in our family home, I was in Jr. High …. And …. I thought it was a bit UNUSUAL, but my father was explaining to me that I had to cut the grass ON THE DIAGONAL!!

And then the following week, I had to do it on the other diagonal …. And the week after that “horizontal,” then “vertical.” Four weeks of cutting grass in different directions!!! CRAZY I thought… so unusual!

I soon learned that this method “strengthened the blades of grass” … and we did have a beautiful lawn!

So, what I first thought was so UNUSUAL, was good in the end.

Jesus, too, did unusual things that are GOOD IN THE END!!!!!
Things that to others, like the Apostles and disciples, seemed NOT RIGHT, NOT FITTING to the traditions …. UNUSUAL!

For instance:

-He touched LEPERS
-Spoke to Samaritans
-Hung out with the downtrodden
-He Lifted up CHILDREN

All these things were UNUSUAL in JESUS’S DAY!!!

And now we have today’s Gospel … Here’s Judas, at the Last Supper Meal, getting up to leave and “BETRAY” Jesus.

And Jesus KNOWS IT!!!!??????

Jesus is saddened to see this in JUDAS. He knows that his own Apostle is doing something wicked and hurtful to him.

But the UNUSUAL thing is he does not STOP HIM …. Again, a bit unusual!

And what does he do and say after JUDAS leaves:

He lets Judas go and then proceeds to talk about LOVING ONE ANOTHER.

So, what at first looks a bit unusual with JESUS is in fact … good in the end!

The CHURCH, during this EASTER SEASON, wants US to LOVE, unconditionally!!

Unconditional love is known as affection for others, without any limitations, or loving others without any conditions.


When we have “conditions” in loving all people ……. many times, it is really manifested by our THOUGHTS and MINDS.

Some of us think things and judge people “by their cover.”

So, when that is happening in our selves … REMEMBER your “heritage” is IN CHRIST, who trained his mind to be free from such thoughts and conditions.

LOVE ONE ANOTHER, without any conditions.

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