Fourth Sunday of Easter Homily – May 8, 2022

Fourth Sunday of Easter ©

INTRO: True story:

Many years ago, fire was consuming an apartment building in New York City. A blind girl was trapped on the fourth floor, perched on a window ledge.

Firefighters could not maneuver their ladder truck between the buildings, so a net was set up to catch the teenage – but because she was BLIND, she was too terrified to jump despite the firefighter’s coaxing!!!

After many anxious moments, her father asked the firefighters if he could call out to her to jump, and they agreed. He called out to his daughter and let her know that there was a net below to catch her!

She followed his command and came to safety….

She trusted her Father when she heard His voice.

Today’s Scripture is about the VOICE! THE DIVINE VOICE!
AND our lives are filled with so many VOICES that hearing the divine VOICE is Difficult. It is the DIVINE VOICE that all of us should be listening to.

Not long ago I was talking with a mom…and this is what makes us appreciate a MOTHER’S DAY!

She is a good and resolute mom with a big family, and she revealed to me her own AWARENESS that the roller coaster life is difficult for her to stop. She wanted to gain a better perspective and balance in their family life.

She knew she needed the DIVINE VOICE.

It is this DIVINE VOICE to which Jesus wants the CHURCH to listen to more often!!!! Jesus tells us ….

“My sheep hear my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”

Just how do you do that?
I always feel a bit “bad” preaching to you that you all need to take some quiet time, because I know how busy your lives can be.

You are here too and just may think… “Well, this hour or so is enough for me.” ….… and I agree … it may be for some??? GREAT!

But going a step further is not a bad idea. MAYBE….

It is shutting off the music or news in the car while driving??
It is “while you are on a run or exercising”??
It is while you are cutting the grass??


Anyway, there is great serenity and contentment within us, during ALL KINDS of HUMAN VOICES, when one does spend time to listen for the voice of God.

It should be a habit for us Catholics.

Try for it this week.
Find a quiet place.
Read a scripture quote.
And listen for the best DIVINE VOICE ever.

It will enhance and direct your life!

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