From the Pastor’s Desk – Emailed August 1, 2020

Dear Parishioners,

I haven’t had time to write lately as so many things surrounding COVID-19, getting ready for the opening of school, and a few surprise maintenance projects to deal with have kept me pretty well occupied. I will say though that life is good here even being FULL of work and ministry.

I am now preparing to celebrate the Sacrament of Eucharist for our children, as well as the Sacrament of Confirmation.

IHM will bring together on the first and second Monday nights in August the Confirmandi and select family members to attend the Mass in church, wearing masks and honoring the necessary social distancing. Abbot Hoover, the Benedictine Abbot, will be the celebrant on both Monday August 3rd and Monday August 10th.

Then on Monday August 17th and Monday August 24th the former second graders will bring select family members to church for their First Communion Mass and I will be the celebrant for this joyous occasion and YES the children and their guests will be required to wear masks and honor the social distance seating.

Both these Sacraments are so important to these children, our church, and their families, but, our gathering for these Sacraments has to be limited due to COVID-19.

As for our IHM School opening the first day of school is Wednesday, August 19th, 2020. The current plan is a full five days for our student body IN the building or 5 days with simultaneous learning FROM HOME.

Simultaneous learning means that each of our classrooms are now equipped with TV monitors, so that a student who selects to be “at home” will be required to be “in their uniforms” at a desk at home, and connect through technology to their classroom in the school. These students will be seen in the TV monitor by the other students and teachers and will have the same ability to participate and to be called on to answer questions, etc. This is WILD and exciting!

As far as surprise maintenance projects…our PCC air conditioner, through an undetected faulty “fan”, caused a leak of condensation and water onto the wood-slatted GYM FLOOR, buckling and warping the floor in a 10’ by 10’ area! This now has to be corrected, most likely with a complete floor repair! We are waiting on our diocesan insurance to determine if this is a claim. Here’s hoping!!!???

Postponed spring weddings have been rescheduled to most Saturdays in August and September and that will keep me lovingly busy as well.

By patient endurance we will live well adjusting to changes and keeping others safe from the virus.

Many blessings,
Father Jim

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