Pastor Letter – Capital Projects – Emailed June 3, 2022

Dear Parishioners,

Summer is fast approaching and while our IHM Elementary School is out capital projects begin.

  1. Flat roofs (not shingles yet) begin being re-done
    a.       Church
    b.       Rectory
    c.       Convent
  2. Gym floor of the PCC will be refinished
  3. Concrete sidewalks around the church repaired
  4. Lillis Drive “apron” into the school lot being repaired
  5. Lillis Drive sidewalk being repaired
  6. Wi-Fi in the church being upgraded to assist the new organ and Life Teen Band
  7. Rectory Conference Room being upgraded with AV equipment
  8. Church Choir Loft lighting project to enhance the new organ and assist choir members
  9. Installing the new organ bronze dedication plaque in the Portage Trail entrance of the church
  10. Positioning the DIVINE MERCY PORTRAIT in the vestibules of the church
  11. *School ART ROOM will be re-located to the LITERACY ENRICHMENT CLASSROOM where literacy and art will be a combined curriculum for our students
  12. *School MARTY MEADOWS MAKERSPACE ROOM will be re-located to the PCC McIntyre Room

*Relocating these “specials” rooms assists IHM ELEMENTARY SCHOOL to have two more classrooms: another first-grade classroom and another third-grade classroom. IHM now will have TWO CLASSROOMS per grade.

May your summer projects, whatever they may be, go well.

Many blessings,
Father Jim

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