Pastor Letter – Giving Alms for the Poor – Emailed February 22, 2021

Dear Parishioners,

For several years, IHM has partnered with other area churches to “feed the poor”. Our corporal work of mercy takes place at Saint Bernard’s Catholic Church, four times a year.

Menu’s for the meals are created and then cooked by Beth Lowe and Melissa Piglia and their wonderful family members. Likewise there are many volunteers from IHM who help get the “take out dinners” (due to COVID-19) ready for distribution, such as; Alice Beatty, Diane Velo, Linda Smith, Ann Brown, Sam Wilson, Marcy and Christian Fleming, Jan and Jim Sugalski and Steve Polovick.

The last meal was on December 16, 2020 at St. Bernard’s and they served 100 take-out meals that consisted of an Italian hoagie sandwich, minestrone soup, chips, candy bar, bottled water and the most beautiful Christmas cookies.

Parishioners are always asked to bake the cookies and even some parishioners donate bottle water. It’s a beautiful “many hands make light the work” ministry!

This year, in your February 2021 collection packet is an envelope dated, February 17, 2021 – ASH WEDNESDAY and titled:


Perhaps you might see to it this month or next and because the LENTEN SEASON upon us asks for all Catholics to “give alms for the poor” you may consider financially helping this beautiful longstanding ministry continue to survive with a restricted donation for this cause. The quarterly meal, which serves over a hundred people, typically costs around $500.00.

Many blessings,

Father Jim

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