Second Sunday in Ordinary Time – January 20, 2019

2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time ©


A little boy complained of “PAIN” all over…. So his concerned mother took him to the doctor.

“So where does it hurt, pal?” said the doctor.

“I hurt all over!” the boy said.

“What do you mean ALL OVER?” the doctor said.

And the boy touched his knee with his INDEX FINGER and cried, “Ow that hurts!”
Then he touched his LEFT CHEEK and cried, “And that hurts, too!”
Then he touched his EAR, tears running down his cheeks, “Even that hurts!”

The doctor looked him over and told him and his mom the diagnosis: “Son, you have a broken finger!”

BROKEN FINGER OR NOT…. in these days of life, where is your finger pointing to that HURTS you?

Broken church and clergy
Crazy politics
So many poor around us
A Family sickness
A Surprise death

Certainly all of us hurt about something.

Today in your hearing, when JESUS is accepted and invited into a hurt……. Change occurs.

Here at a wedding…. Who was hurting, so to speak…?
“They have no more wine!”

And the CHANGED WATER brought happiness!

Our world, all people, needs JESUS in their lives; to invite Him into everything.

Jesus Christ comes to change our perspectives, the way we deal with one another, the factors that go into the decisions we make, the things we value and seek for ourselves.

We need to be the ones that remember to INVITE HIM into our minds and hearts, to speak to us and guide us through the things that we point out that hurt!

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