Sunday 8:00 AM Mass Update – Emailed July 24, 2020

Dear Parishioners,

COVID – 19 life continues to baffle us. Please stay positive that God will lead us all through this. By patient endurance and diligence to our Governor’s directives we will be vindicated. I pray the sooner the better.

I want to address the Sunday 8:00 AM Mass which we haven’t had since March 2020! I miss the crowd and as much as I want us together again, I believe it will not happen soon.

First of all, Father Ralph Thomas still remains at rehab for his hip replacement operation. He does not have a projected date for return to IHM and even when he does return he is not sure as to what his mobility will be. He wants to be active again as he was before the hurting hip, but, only time will tell.

Secondly, I still want to be helpful and courteous to our elderly crowd which typically uses the 8:00 AM Mass and keep them safe from the Coronavirus, Also, the sanitizing that would need to be done after the 8:8:00 AM Mass simply cannot be done in enough time for the set-up of the 10:00 AM Live Stream Mass.

I hope you understand this situation. I know I cannot please everyone and I am sorry about that, but, I’m trying to do what I feel will keep parishioners safe and unaffected by the Coronavirus.

When sanitizing doesn’t have to be done and when Father Ralph is ready we can then work on having that 8:00 AM Sunday Mass again.

Many blessings,
Father Jim

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