Trinity Sunday – May 27, 2018

Trinity Sunday
I believe I mentioned to you that a couple of years ago….on a Mother’s Day….I received a “Mother’s Day” card!!!!!!!!!!!

It was from my older sister…who was organizing and cleaning out some “MEMORIBILIA” of my mom’s. She died 9 years ago. What she found were several pictures of me and mom together …presumably on Mothers days of years gone by.

Very touching as you can imagine!

ALSO, included was
In my mother’s hand script
Written on a very used piece of paper

Again…… sweet!
So, one day all by myself in the rectory, I dug out that recipe, went to the store to buy all the ingredients and set myself to work

Before long the kitchen was filled with the aroma of baked chocolate brownies!

During the process of mixing, measuring, stirring and baking, I couldn’t help but think of our lovely mother and so many wonderful memories.

I felt her presence

In so many ways we are and always will be connected to one another, those in heaven and those on earth.

As followers of Jesus, we are to honor the connection we have with all people… especially those HERE ON EARTH! Those within our families, within our neighborhoods, those with different beliefs and different skin color.

All of us are created in God’s image and likeness… the very people seated in front of you, behind, you, next to you, on the street, and in other countries!!!!

TODAY’S FEAST calls us to realize the importance of CONNECTION, the ALLIANCE WE ALL HAVE with all peoples THROUGH THE EXAMPLE OF THE FATHER, SON, and SPIRIT.

It is TRINITY SUNDAY! Connection Sunday

When we were growing up, there was an older sister and my twin brother… sister was a year older! Every now and then, my brother and I got “fussy” with our sister…. She could stay up later…she could have her friends over….SO MANY THINGS seemed UNFAIR to us……..

We were challenged by our parents
“You better get along or else!”

We typically called a meeting amongst ourselves to set up the perimeters of getting along better….
Don’t say anything
Be nice
Worked for a few hours!!!

We didn’t ALWAYS get along!!!! We weren’t always CONNECTED……… WHY IS THAT?

All of us know… Some people here on earth just do not get along…. Aren’t experiencing that connection and unity between them!
I am not sure exactly for each situation, but I do know……

PEOPLE TAKE THEIR EYES OFF OF GOD and HOW HE CREATED ALL and simply see only what they want to see in others.

All throughout our Catholic teachings and Scripture it says:
-Put on love
-Go first and be reconciled with your brother and sister
-The greatest among you is the one who serves


In reality, we all have connections, like the TRINITY, whether it is with a deceased mother
A neighbor
A foreign country

Allow Holy Communion to unite you today with God and with all people. To see others as GOD SEES THEM.

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