Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time Homily – October 16, 2022

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time ©


I remember when my training wheels came off my bike. There was my dad taking them off and then saying,
“It is time you learned how to ride a bike
without the training wheels!
We had a long driveway from the garage to the sidewalk. Dad was at the garage with me and the bike helping me get on.
Mom was at the sidewalk coaxing me on!

Here I go, wobbling a bit, and halfway down to the sidewalk, I then veered to the left and fell into a bunch of rose bushes!!
They cleaned me up and put me back on the bike. You have to a keep trying they said.
I finally made it after several tries!

As we come to Church this weekend the Gospel tells us to
To try-try again!
“To be determined”

AND what is it that we are to keep trying again, or to be determined at???

The ANSWER is prayer!!!

So often I hear: “Oh I forgot my prayers today!”
“I wish I had a better prayer life”
“I never have time to pray”

LUKE has Jesus telling this parable because he wants the church to be found at prayer.

“Will the Son of Man when he comes…. Will He find any faith on earth?”
In other words, will he find anyone with a personal relationship with JESUS.

My understanding is that the FIRST CHRISTIANS “slowed down” in their attendance for gathering to pray!

The ROMANS made it difficult and frightening to gather! And so, the early Christians ………… had a LEGITIMATE EXCUSE to NOT gather and pray …… BUT the Gospel writer was not accepting that excuse or ANY EXCUSE for that matter!!!
NO MATTER WHAT … the CHURCH needs to GATHER and PRAY… just like you all are doing now!

OUR WEEKS I am certain…. get filled and there is a struggle to keep the balance and to find time for prayer.

But consider the times in which we live…. there is a greater need for each of us to be found at prayer, petitioning God for so many things or listening to God guide you and me. I am so glad that you are here being found at prayer!

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