2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Homily – Janaury 14, 2024

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time (B) 2024


In today’s Gospel the apostles are invited to LOOK AND SEE who is before them…… to recognize who it is in their midst!

And what that truly means is:
We are to
all that is valuable in every human being that are all around us.

This is our prime duty and the obligation as Catholics put on all of us today. We are followers of Jesus Christ and reminded to do as He did.

Like Him we are to hold precious all human beings,
• in our own nuclear family,
• in our own community, and
• in our entire world.

-this is a social justice message, especially in our own present times ………

It is so easy to “let go” of the human beings that do not think as we do, dress as we do, vote as we do, and live life as we do.

Living our lives as Jesus called us is to live without prejudices, or biases, holding all people as precious!


God wants you and me to hold precious ALL HUMAN BEINGS!

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