3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Homily – January 21, 2024

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time (B) 2024


In the year ahead the Gospels at Mass will hear JESUS speak often of the “kingdom of God.”

What does that mean to you… this KINGDOM OF GOD?

It always has been said that we are supposed to live it, create it while on this earth. Jesus came to build it while he lived on earth and that we are supposed to keep it going!

So, The KINGDOM OF GOD is not some far-in-the-future state, but a reality HERE AND NOW!!!

The Kingdom of God is realized in your homes and schools, when:

-you are compassionate
-when you are caring for one another
-when you are responding to the poor around you
-when you are merciful to one another

We had five kids at home growing up… was there the KINGDOM OF GOD IN OUR HOME all the time…
Absolutely NOT!! We were a wild bunch, always vying for attention, not doing RIGHT AWAY what our parents asked of us and bossing one another or ignoring one another.

But there were times when we made decisions to work on our “competitive natures” and our laziness.

My older sister was the ringleader so to speak… she would call the family meeting of kids and say:

“Hey, we got to get along better for MOM AND DAD!”

Living the KINGDOM OF GOD means:

Are we recognizing all our brothers and sisters, people who are different than ourselves, NOT CRITICIZING, COMMENTING NEGATIVELY, NOR JUDGING.
Are we improving our attitudes?
Are we praying, reflecting, and pausing in our day to make God FIRST.

As Jesus calls the apostles to follow Him, he likewise is calling us to do the same.


Think about how you cause the KINGDOM OF GOD to be realized in your homes and in our community. I bet you are doing it… some of the time!

As you take holy communion today hear JESUS tell you to keep on building up the KINDOM OF GOD each day by some small act of service.

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