Christ On The Corner

Dear Parishioners,

Christ on the Corner
Saturday, April 7th, 2018 is our parish day of service: A new event for lots of participation from you, allowing us to charitably assist the poor in the city! The day will begin as we gather at 9:00am with prayer and praise in the church or outdoor weather permitting. Then off to the sites. Here are some ideas of what our parish can do.

The committee discussed looking in both in our own parish boundary and also looking outward into community all within a 20 minute drive maximum distance. Here are some community needs that are being discussed:

1. Valor Homes/Veterans in Summit County and Freedom Home (Kent).
2. Nursing Homes & Sr. Apts. At Blessed Trinity
3. International Institute
4. Catholic Charities – families/project site possibly St. John’s Rectory for treatment center and this would likely involve cleaning and painting.
5. Parks and Rec would need 10 workers
6. Pregnancy Care may have a potential large painting job.
7. Genessaret has work.
8. Catholic Worker will likely need help around the grounds or with food.

I like this plan as it shows us following our parish mission which is to LOVE GOD + MAKE DISCIPLES + THROUGH MARY. It allows us to “work together” and see the benefits of our care, concern, and construction! It brings CHRIST’S call to go out to the poor into our hearts and hands.

For anyone to join this day of service and to sign up for a work site will take place on the weekend of MARCH 3rd and 4Th at church. Sign up as a family. Sign up with a group of friends. Sign up as an individual.

Many blessings,
Father Jim

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