Easter Vigil Homily – April 8, 2023

The Easter Vigil in the Holy Night 2023


Growing up…. Our family had lots of parties! That meant A LOT OF CHORES put on us kids to get ready for the party!! And A LOT of work put upon our mom!

Anyway, when we all were getting into the thick of getting everything ready for the BIG party, a common phrase our mother used was:

“I’ll never get all of this done!!!!”

And she would get all nervous, worked up and wondered how will I ever pull this off? In the end it all worked out simply fine. And we kids would say:
“See, mom, it all worked out!”
And she would smile and say…
“It sure did!”
Has this ever happened in your lives? ……………………………………
……When you wonder if you are ever going to get everything done??? I am sure it has.

This is normal for everyone….to wonder, (maybe freak out a bit) but IT ALL WORKS OUT!

The women: They had an important JOB to do as they travelled that early Easter morning the day after the Sabbath. They had to ceremonially respect the body of Jesus with spices and herbs at its burial spot …. A Jewish custom….and THEY wondered:

“How are we going to get this done?
They were worrying about the STONE!”

It did not deter them one bit, though…. They kept on going just as you and I do not give up when we wonder if we are ever going to get everything done.

They had the same upbringing… just keep on, it will all work out. And this boils down to:
God provides! God provides!

If our catechumens and candidates just go back in time for a moment:

When you received that “idea” to join us or further your initiation with the church… do not you remember thinking…

“How am I ever going to get this done?”

And look, here you are today,
This sacred night,
This memorable night,
This miraculous night!!!
God provides!

So, the women in the Gospel were provided for by God. Much to their utter AMAZEMENT!!! Not only did the stone get rolled away, which was what they initially wondered about, but in not giving up, they were rewarded with meeting “a divine messenger”!!!
AGAIN, God provides!

They got to share the good news of Jesus’s resurrection to the Apostles, and that He will meet them in Galilee.


So, to all of us who “wonder” about things getting done, about this or that, questioning our plans, or upturned situations:
God provides and then some!

All of us will be given a holy surprise if we stay the course of FAITH even when we wonder.


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