Epiphany 2017

In 1967 my parents moved us from Lakewood to Fairview Park to what I always refer to Ultram By tramadolonline.net as THE BIG HOUSE which we occupied until last year.

When they did that ……they made a decision:
“To make new friends” in CHRIST
As is more typical;
“To make new friends in the new church to which we would now belong.

Both mom and dad were born and raised in Ss. Cyril & Methodius Church in Lakewood ….

And now they would no longer go there, but begin as new parishioners at St. Angela Merici Parish in Fairview.

So how did that decision turn out…?

That very first Christmas in our new home mom and dad had an OPEN HOUSE for the school parents that they had met…telling them BRING ANOTHER SET OF PARENTS to meet.

Many of those parents are still our family’s very good friends.

They opened their doors; they made an initiative, to make new friends in CHRIST.

I think of that EVERY YEAR as I hear about the MAGI, the WISE men who went seeking, making an initiative to see the CHRIST in the boy that was born in BETHLEHEM!!!

To make new friends in CHRIST…maybe that’s your New Year’s resolution here at IHM???

I am always told by many people that IHM Church has such a warm and friendly feel to it and I am proud to hear that comment about YOU from visitors and new parishioners!

But, if each of us makes a MAGI commitment, a New Year’s resolution to seek out a new friend in CHRIST (or a new friend in the CHURCH) a greater difference is made ….. In building up the body of CHRIST!

That’s what JESUS WANTS, unity, community, friendship, peace between all peoples, taking down barriers of judgement, letting go of stereotypes, embracing CHRIST in the faces of those in front of you, or behind you here in church.


In a few moments you will see BREAD AND WINE, consume it and know that this is the real presence of JESUS for you and me. Listen to Him call you to a MAGI commitment this year to help Him bring about http://buzzpharmacy.net/ love and peace in our world.

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